Trease L Carpenter

About Southern Fried tlc... Life in "The Tri"

A song of the South comes to mind with, "sweet potato pie and hush my mouth." Although Trease L Carpenter was first born in the Midwest as a Buckeye, second of all, she was raised Southern and also lives in the Southeast in the US, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Northeast Tennessee. Furthermore, some of her kinfolk lived in Tennessee before the Civil War, so her roots here are strong. Being Southern is Trease's lifestyle and the way of Southern Fried tlc.

Southern Fried tlc is a regional zine and covers the areas of Northeast Tennessee & Southwest Virginia, along with Eastern Kentucky and Western North Carolina. The area near the border of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia goes by "The Tri", and has for years. First, the locals chose the name and furthermore, many of our visiting guests also call it by the same name. Also, Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and eastern Kentucky border one another. Additionally, Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina border each other. So, you have two sets of "Tri" states bordering one another in "The Tri". This regional area shares much in common, but it's also very diverse. We're all friends and it makes sense banding together as one region and marketing ourselves that way.

Join In On "The Tri" Story As It Unfolds

Tourism, lifestyle and community keep the home fires burning and they keep "The Tri" alive. So, tourism is very much a regional deal. For example, there are plenty of events, attractions, history and lush scenery to keep visitors coming to our area. Some visiting guests even stay and become locals themselves. Next, lifestyle is how we live and what we do for pastime activities. Often, our hobbies turn into another career or lead us back to our roots. Artisans, hobbyists and craftsmen have much in common and much to give to the community. Last of all, the community is so much more than the locale. It's also the sense and spirit of the place and the locals. Finally, it's part of the story. And the story is where it's all at.

It's how Trease rolls as a freelance writer, blogger and photographer. Trease also wrote the Thursday edition of the "Across the Fence" column as a rural correspondent for the Kingsport Times-News for five years, from May 2010 until the end of August 2015. She flavored her column the way she flavors the Southern Fried tlc regional zine. Trease came from a long line of storytellers and that's what Southern Fried tlc is about... the texture, taste and sense of the story. The story is our legacy and it's how we promote "The Tri" with Southern Fried tlc. So, please join in on the story as it unfolds... the tourism, lifestyle and community of Southern Fried tlc.

This is home to Southern Fried tlc, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Northeast Tennessee. Additionally, the home to "The Tri" is in NE-TN/SW-VA & E-KY/W-NC. Please join in on the story as it unfolds like a song of the South.