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The House Mark Twain Built… So We’re Not in Tennessee

Mark Twain's House is a Rare Gem Filled With Stories

The house Mark Twain built is a one-of-a-kind rare gem and the Clemens family considered their home as a member of the family. Mark built the home with unique orange sherbet-colored bricks and chocolate trim. It was definitely the pride and joy of Mark Twain whose real name was Samuel Clemens. The house also was in Nook Farm, the literary neighborhood located in Hartford, Connecticut. When Mark built the home in 1874, he installed gas lights, flushing toilets and central heating system in the basement. Mark’s wife, Olivia Clemens sketched the layouts of the various rooms and she included the views of the countryside in each of her sketches. Edward Tuckerman Potter, the New York Stick Style¬† 1870’s house was the house’s architect. Additionally, Mark and Olivia called in a distinguished interior design firm. The firm consisted of Louis Tiffany Comfort, Samuel Colman, Lockwood de Forest and Candace Thurber Wheeler. Mark Twain spared no expense in getting his home built. to check out another tourist attraction take a look at William Gillette Castle State Park for another remarkable home on tour in Connecticut.

The House That Mark Twain Built is Flamboyant

The flamboyant orange sherbet-colored brick and chocolate wood trim was only part of the elegance. The family also held theater and parlor games in the dining room. The shellacked dining room walls, embossed in red and gold looked like leather. Additionally, a custom built sideboard, which fits in the wall is original to the dining room. Finally, a billiard table took up some of the space, complete with Mark’s writing lair covered the entire third floor of the home. So, each room in the house that Mark Twain built, has its own unique stories. Like the famous author residing there, intricate story-weaving abounded in and about the home, inside and out. Go check out The Mark Twain House website and see just how much heart and soul this house has.

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