Cootie Browns is one of the funkiest restaurants in "The Tri", here in Bristol, Tennessee. The funkiness and fun go beyond the beachy look... it also includes the variety of food on their menu.

Cootie Browns Funky Beach Vibe & Menu Variety

Cootie Browns is a unique and funky restaurant in Bristol & Johnson City, Tennessee. They have a built-in beach vibe throughout their restaurants.
This is an evening view of the Cootie Browns restaurant in Bristol, Tennessee. There is another one in Johnson City, Tennessee. From the outside the beach vibe the restaurant created is clearly apparent.

Cootie Browns is a totally unique and locally owned restaurant chain. First, they have locations at 118 Volunteer Parkway Bristol, Tennessee & 2715 N Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee. Additionally, a third restaurant is in the works for a location at 1404 W State of Franklin Rd in Johnson City, Tennessee. Finally, both the Volunteer Parkway and the N Roan Street locations have a built-in beach vibe throughout the restaurants. The first time I  ate at Cootie Brown’s was at their location in Kingsport, Tennessee. The Kingsport eatery had garage doors on one side of the restaurant. These rolled up in warm weather to let in a cool breeze. Furthermore, the restaurant chain is definitely different and not a cookie-cutter type of ho-hum dining.

Cootie Browns is noted for their funky and bright colored dining areas.
Cootie Browns brightly colored dining areas add to their beach vibe.

Sirloin Steak and Beef Tamales are Two of the Different Entrees Served at Cootie Browns

At Cootie Browns the sirloin steak is one of the steak menu items. Ribeye steak and Mempis style slab with your choice of a dry or wet rub.
Cootie Browns prepares your sirloin steak is prepared the way you want it at. The loaded baked potato makes for a good side to the steak.

Plenty of tasty items abound on both the Bristol menu and the North Roan St, Johnson City menu. So, Dad ordered the half pound sirloin, with a loaded baked potato and a side salad with Ranch dressing. Likewise, I ordered the Beef Tamale dinner platter. Additionally, this comes with three beef tamales, salsa and tortilla chips. Usually, Cootie Browns puts shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, sliced black olives and sour cream atop their tamales. So, I’m a purist when it comes to my Mexican food. For that reason, I asked that they serve those items on the side. As a result, I then made a yummy side salad out of those fixings. And I thoroughly enjoyed the homemade tamales, with just chili and melted cheese on the top.

The beef tamale dinner platter with three beef tamales is a good choice for dinner. And you can make a salad of shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, black olives and sour cream that comes with it.
Tamales are both an appetizer and a dinner platter. The platter comes with three tamales and you choose if you want beef, chicken or black bean tamales.
You can make a quick side salad from the shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, black olives, shreeded cheese and sour cream. They come atop your tamales, but if you order them on the side you can make a salad instead for a tasty alternative.
The shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce, pico de gallo, black olives, and sour cream make for a good side salad. This helps if you don't want these ingredients topping your tamales.

More Cootie Browns Beach Zing & Key Lime Pie for Dessert

Cootie Browns has a lot of the beach vibe going on, even at the bar. This looks more like a tiki bar at the beach instead of a restaurant bar.
This looks like a tiki bar at the beach instead of a bar inside Cootie Browns. The beach vibe comes in loud and clear. The color in the room really pops, too.

Above all, Cootie Browns has a flair for design in making their colors pop.  Additionally, the bar looks like it’s from a tiki hut on the beach. Also, the numerous glass windows add to then open airiness that enhances the beach vibe. Not only does Cootie Browns have a flair for good design and outstanding entrees, in addition they are known for their signature dessert, Key Lime pie. As a result, their Key Lime pie is my favorite, with it’s tart, tangy and a bit of sweetness thrown into the pie. Not only is the actual Key Lime rich and decadent, the Graham cracker crust is just as tasty. I never tire of the place. I only wish they still had their Kingsport location.

Key Lime pie at Cootie Browns is a highlight of your meal. The piece of pie served up is enough pie for two.
Cootie Browns serves the most delectable and decadent Key Lime pie. It's tangy, tart and has just the right hint of sweetness.

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