Red Dog on Main Taproom & Eatery is the new cool restaurant situated on Main St in downtown Rogersville, Tennessee. Their food is tasty and the menu lists a wide variety of entrees.

Red Dog on Main Eatery in Rogersville, Tennessee

The Red Dog on Main Taproom & Eatery opened in May 2019 in downtown Rogersville, Tennessee and is owned by Ben McGrew, Stephanie and Randy Lord. Randy and Stephanie also own the Coffee in the Kyle, which is located nearby the Red Dog. Dad and I decided to check the eatery out the evening on 1-12-2020. We parked out back near the old courthouse and walked through the alley to the front of the eatery. There are two iron gates on each end of the alley which are left open. The placement of tables in the alley and the lighting give the eatery an outdoor Parisian cafe ambiance. I plan to return in warmer weather and eat outside in the cool alleyway.

The Red Dog on Main Taproom & Eatery even added outdoor tables in the alleyway. It made me think of an outdoor Parisian cafe.
In warm weather, the outdoor alleyway cafe style of seating looks like a fun thing to do. I will check this out in warmer weather. The iron gates at either end of the alley add to the 'coolness' of the outdoor eating area.

Informal Seating Adds to Friendly Atmosphere

We sat at a table for two and shared a bench seat on one side with our neighbors at the table next to us. There were tall bar tables and lower regular tables also. We introduced our selves to our neighbors and chatted together as we ate. Chris and Ronnie were from Rutherford, Tennessee in Grainger county.  Even the ice tea tasted great. A nice variety of music played, adding to the ambiance. One song sounded like it had the influence of an Irish folk tune in the melody.

Red Dog on Main has a variety of seating. The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly. Some of the shelving in the bar area are backlit to showcase what is on tap and what else is available to drink.
Sitting at bar tables or choosing regular height dining tables is up to you. You can even share a booth bench with a neighbor at the table next to you. The variety adds to the friendly atmosphere at Red Dog on Main.

And the Food... Oh What Scrumptiously Delicious Food Got Concocted at the Red Dog on Main

Dad and I ordered the fish while our neighbors, Chris and Ronnie, ordered the pork belly and spinach and artichoke pasta with chicken. The pan fried catfish was coated with a crunch cornmeal crust and it sat in a tasty herb broth with carrots, green beans and artichokes. The spinach and artichoke pasta with chicken had fettuccine with sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach and artichokes with olive oil for an exotic taste. The Bourbon Cider pork belly was pan seared with a Bourbon Cider glaze. The Indian Spiced Scottish salmon with ginger tomato chutney was simply scrumptious. I also ordered the vanilla bean vanilla ice cream with chocolate espresso and two shortbread cookies. For more choices check out the Red Dog on Main menu. Suffice it to say, I was in seventh heaven over my meal and Dad even allowed me a bite of his yummy catfish.

Catfish, Chicken, Pork Belly & Salmon Dishes Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Pan Fried Cornbread crusted catfish at the Red Dog on Main surpasses the renowned Texas catfish of the Red River. Is your mouth watering for this tasty dish yet?
Pan Fried Catfish never tasted this good. At the Red Dog on Main, it comes cornmeal crusted in a yummy herb broth with green beans, carrots and artichokes. The catfish is even tastier than the renowned catfish of the Red River in Texas.
The Red Dog on Main serve up a Spinach and Artichoke pasta dish. The chicken is extra and makes for a delectable addition to the dish.
Spinach and Artichoke Pasta with Chicken Breast looks absolutely delicious. Baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, red onion and basil with olive oil is tossed in with Fettuccine and fresh Parmesan. The chicken is extra, but well worth it.
The Bourbon Cider Pork Belly entree looks great. It isn't the least bit greasy either.
Bourbon Cider Pork Belly is an interesting entree. I heard of Pork Belly, but hadn't seen it before. Chris said it wasn't greasy at all and was quite tasty.
Indian Spiced Scottish Salmon with ginger tomato chutney will put your taste buds in seventh heaven. It will also bring out your inner Scottish yen for good food.
For fall-off-the-fork Indian Spiced Scottish Salmon, the Red Dog on Main is the place to order it. Topped ginger tomato chutney, this dish is out of the world scrumptious.
Talk about a tasty dessert at Red Dog on Main. The vanilla bean vanilla ice cream came with chocolate espresso and two shortbread cookies. The chocolate espresso was liberally poured onto the ice cream for an enchanting taste.
The Red Dog on Main serves up quite tasty desserts. I decided to order the vanilla bean vanilla ice cream with chocolate espresso generously poured on top. It also came with two shortbread cookies.

Amazing Ambiance Found at the Red Dog on Main

I’m returning to dine again at the Red Dog on Main in downtown Rogersville, Tennessee and plan to order a different dish. The taproom atmosphere to the eatery adds more to the place’s ambiance. The artwork and photography on the walls is simply amazing. So, check this eatery out and come prepared to be amazed.

Red Dog on Main wall photo collage reaaly makes the eatery pop. The food is good and the decor is pretty cool.
The wall photo collage was mounted on the wall next to our neighbors at the eatery. The photos add another layer of interest to the Red Dog on Main.
A summer-time portrait of d dog is not only cool-looking, but it also has a good texture to it.
I nicknamed this funky artwork the summer-time portrait of a dog. The blue background really makes this piece of art pop. This is quite an eye-catching portrait.
Red Dog on Main in Rogersville has a mural of what I call dogs in paradise. The artwork and the food make this such a great eatery you'll want to keep on visiting.
A wall mural of dogs in paradise at the Red Dog on Main is adorable. Even the artwork adds to the character of this eatery.
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