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Letting Go & Letting God Take Care of Business

Letting go & letting God handle what comes our way in life is perhaps the most difficult thing of all. We either hang on for dear life, refusing to let go, or we end up taking it back and working on the problem all by ourselves.  Take-backs inevitably fail. We need help and guidance that actually works. It’s hard when a loved one is on the line, or the perceived looming loss is extremely great. Letting go & letting God take care of business for us is a necessity to keep life running trouble-free. Life runs smoother when we allow God work through us. It’s not a sign of weakness networking and allowing the help of others, when the going gets rough. This is when letting go is imperative.

Life happens and ends up blocking what we actually need. Two of the most helpful roadmaps are prayer and the Bible. The Good Book has the best guidelines, laying out both the problem and the solution. It’s not just a bunch of stories gathered together in one place with no other purpose whatsoever tied to it. It’s chock full of anything you want to know. And prayer also guides you there, where you’re needed. Prayer is just chatting with God on seeking guidance, solutions and answers to whatever is on our mind.

The Dilemma Comes Before the Problem

Don't let the problem of a carousel out of control stop you from enjoying your life. Let go & let god handle it all for you.
You're on the merry-go-round dilemma of life. It won't stop and you can't get off. So, let go & let God take care of business for you and slow the carousel down for you.

So, what is the dilemma?? It’s what is on our mind and what makes life difficult. It may entail the hospitalization of a loved one, or facing the loss of that loved one, be it a break-up or their death. That’s when life takes a nose dive. Grief consumes you, along with fried-to-the-bone exhaustion. There’s no sleep in sight and all your hope just blew up in front of you moments ago.

You’re tired, lost and without a clue as to what happens next. Or hopelessness covers you like the cloud of dirt that covers Pigpen. You smother in grief and hopelessness. What comes next when you have your motivation and energy zapped right out of you? You feel dead and numb to the world. Thinking about anything for just a second is impossible. Giving up or lying down, seem like the only options. But sleep eludes you. There is no escaping the turmoil inside and outside of your aching head.This is quite a dilemma you’re in.

So What's The Problem and What Comes Next?

Letting go & letting God give you the solution is both enightening and refreshing.
You don't have to be blinded by the light for the solution to your problem to be in sight. Just let go & let God guide you to the solution.

So, what’s the problem gnawing at you? So what you are going to do next and how you’re going to face the hopelessness of it all may be part of the problem. How are you to piece your life back together and move on? Why should you even attempt to piece it all together? You feel you’re at the end of your rope, there’s no way to go but down and to let go of it all. That’s the problem and if you try to solve it all on your own, or you flat-out give up on it all, you’re doomed.

This is where you let go and let God take care of things. The Bible is a lifeline filled with answers. Hope lies between the covers of this book. But first, it helps to pray for God to impart understanding for what you’re about to read. Understanding helps you see the road signs along the way. It leads to the answers. Additionally, pray to God for the solutions of the problems in your life. He will send helping people and helping hands your way. He can show you how to fix things and deal with the rest. He also refreshes you and leaves you with joy and peace in your heart. All you need is to ask Him for help.

Letting Go & Letting God Set You Free From Angst

god will set you free. He melts away all worries and fear. He is always there for you, if you ask.
When letting go & letting God take care of things, the sky is the limit. Just reach out and touch Him through prayer.

Letting go & letting God sets you free from all your angst and trying times. Life won’t be a bed of roses all the time, but God anchors you in the midst of the storm. He directs you down the road of life and makes living and dealing with crap a whole lot easier. You must ask Him first in prayer for help. If you seek Him, God will find you and help you. Ask Him into your life and let Him help you find your way. He is there to comfort you and carry you when the going gets too rough. He won’t give up on you if you accept Him, reaching out and touching his hand. Give it a go and see what path He leads you down. He’ll also give you hope and peace along the way, too.

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