Turning the Page… But Not Moving On

Turning the page helps you get unstuck and explore more possibilities out there in life.
Turing the page is easy and so is moving forward. But just because you move forward doesn't mean giving up on your dream and moving on.

Turning the page is possible without moving on. Just because you stay put pursuing your dream doesn’t mean you quit moving forward. When I last blogged about being here to help and feeling down about my lack of writing and photography, I felt discouraged. I also felt like my writing career was over before it had a chance to get off the ground and blossom. Then I reread these words: “Maybe it is time to turn the page and move on.” That’s when it smacked me up the side of my head and my ‘aha!’ moment hit me like a ton of red bricks.

It is time to turn the page, but it is definitely not the time to move on from my blogging, writing and photography. Additionally, it’s time for me to create new pages and pictures in my story and soar up in the air, higher than I’ve been, with wings as an eagle. When one door closes, another door takes its place and opens to a new scenario, rife with limitless possibilities. My niche isn’t yet carved in stone… I’m still creating and crafting the tapestry and my niche just expanded. Turning the page doesn’t mean you must move on to something totally different.

The Tapestry of Story is the Niche

As you're weaving the tapestry of your story, you're turning the page. This movement heps create and add to your niche, too.
Weaving the tapestry of your story is key. The story is your niche. A good story shows what you do and how you make the nich uniquely yours. So, keep turning the page as you move through the story.

My niche just got redefined. It’s not all about travel, a regional zine or even just about writing with pretty photos to boot. The story left untold and the intricate design of each color or pen stroke in the tapestry of life as it unfolds is my niche. This story tapestry of life is for all who care to read on and see what nuggets they’ll take away with them and apply these nuggets of sage advice to their own lives.

Just because I’m chatting about turning my page and not moving on and away from writing and blogging, this doesn’t mean this same idea can’t also apply to anyone else who may be hesitant at turning their next page, for whatever reason, so they aren’t stuck or frozen from moving to the next page in their story. Don’t feel like you’re at the end of your story. You aren’t. Keep turning the pages and take up the adventures that await you. Lastly, keep hope in your heart and keep moving forward. There’s always something else to add to your tapestry.

I am Indeed a Southern Fried Scribe

As the Southern Fried Scribe, writing and blogging are my niches. I also use photos in writing the story with the mighty pen.

I am indeed a Southern Fried Scribe. As such, I am a Christian scribe and I write by the faith God placed inside of me. God blessed me with the gift of writing and so I blog. Don’t worry, I don’t go around being obnoxious or forceful about anything. I just want to point this out, so y’all know where I come from. Being upfront and honest is my thing. It’s how I roll. As a storyteller and photographer too, I got where I am by turning a bunch of pages. Life out there is scary and often hard, especially for us women. You turn the page and deal with what scenario that the page opens upon.

If everything came easy, life would be dull. Anything can come up when you turn the page, but turn the page you must. There’s a whole story out there waiting to be discovered and written. Sometimes turning the page is uplifting and often life changing. But if you refuse to turn that page you’ll be paralyzed and caught up in fear. You’ll freeze up and end nowhere. So, take the step, move and turn that page. Even if life throws lemons at you, gather them up and make some mighty bodacious lemonade.

Turning the Page of Life to Move the Cheese

You need to start turning the page and moving the cheese from somewhere. I lived in this house from when I was a few months old, until I was 3 years-old.
Talk about turning the page of life and moving the cheese. This is the house I moved into with my parents when I was a few months old and we stayed put until I was 3 years-old. Turning the pages helps move the cheese.

Go ahead and turn the page of life. Move your cheese along the highways and byways. If you blink and hesitate for too long, the moment disappears. We wait and hesitate; and then indecision grabs us by our lapels. Sometimes overwhelm takes us over or life really gets us down. Our hope diminishes, and if we let it, the hope then dies. Don’t let that happen. Keep your friends and loved ones in the loop. Networking often reaps great rewards, even if you’re chatting up people in the bookstore or your besties at the favorite Mexican restaurant.

Every dark cloud truly does have a silver lining, if you look for it. Rainbows do come out at the end of a vicious storm. So, turn those pages and create your tapestry story. Turn the moments that really stand out into your niche, your specialty. Each new page you turn is an adventure waiting to unfold. Go for it and have no regrets. The best story is yet to come and it doesn’t have to mean you abandon everything and move on just because you turned the page.

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