Wedding Vows: A Renewal of Love and Faith

This is when we renewed our wedding vows on 28 December 2005. Our children Page Marie & Eli, stood up with us as our Maid of Honor and Best Man. After we finished repeating our vows, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. You are the most special and wonderful man I know. You are also my best friend.

Wedding vows written so lovingly by me to you, my husband and recited on our 20th wedding anniversary said it all. Because of our love for one another we renewed our wedding vows again that day. Additionally, the photo above was on our original wedding day in 1985. And we renewed our vows in the same church where we married, but this time it was in their chapel.

Wedding Vows: So Do You Take…

Twenty years ago on this very day,
We wedded in this church.

These are my vows I renew with you:
I promise to stand faithfully by your side
And support you in any way.
I will love you, as always,
With all my heart, soul and spirit.
You are the special one God blessed me with;
An answer to a heartfelt prayer.

My life with you fills up with constant joy.
Each day with you blossoms in a new awakening,
Like a young flower fresh with dew.
You are my miracle, the one the Lord gave to me.
You help me to grow and gave me my wings
So I could soar with the eagles and realize my dreams.

You showed me God’s love and a love all your own.
I thank the Lord everyday you chose
Me as your help mate and wife,
As together, we go through life.
Thank you for marrying me twenty years ago.

Trease L Carpenter

While Surrounded by Family and Friends Again and Yet Not a Dry Eye Remained in the Place

First of all, as I read my wedding vows of renewal out loud that evening on 12-28-2005, our 20th wedding anniversary, my soft voice trembled. And tears welled up in my eyes while my hands shook. That’s when I realized no words adequately expressed my love and feelings for you. As I finished, no dry eyes remained in the chapel, not even the Reverend could resist a few tears. As a result, a few tears ran down his cheeks. Even I cried.

Yet, these vows only speak of a smidgen on how I feel about you. So I honor you, my cherished husband, everyday. While with you, God gives me a glimpse of His love. And this is the love I feel for you, my darling beloved. Additionally, this is the love for me, I feel flowing from you. Each day gets even better than the ones before. And we married over 30 years ago. Most of all, my time with you truly is the best part of my life. You are the best part of my life.

I felt proud our two children wanted to stand up with us , as our best man and maid of honor. Both of them did us proud. And they further reflected our love for one another. Both kids added to the special day as it wonderfully unfolded for us and them.

This was us on our wedding day, 28 December 1985. Our original wedding vows were as important as the vows I wrote to yoy twenty years later when we renewed our promises and life together once more. You are my blessing and the one true love of my life.

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