Momma's Song stands sweet and true, just like Momma. She may be gone, but Momma isn't forgotten.

Momma’s Song as Written on 7-13-2017

Momma's Song played on, even after Momma left. Four generations of women in our family are pictured in the photograph.
Momma's Song... Page Marie, Amelia & me, Trease with Momma during our last visit in October 2017. This was the last time we saw her before Alzheimer's disease took her life 26 September 2018. We all loved Momma dearly. Momma was one of the last of what I term the Great Ladies. She completely personified a Great Lady in every way possible.

Momma’s Song… By Trease Lynne Carpenter

This is for Momma, a poem about Momma’s song for my sweet and precious Momma:

I am a writer; that’s what I do,
So, I thought I’d pen this just for you.
Momma’s song, Momma’s song as it rings true.
A child looking out shyly with yellow blond hair
Gently smiling in a flowered dress,
What were you thinking back then?
Did you imagine you’d join the Air Force?
And wear their dress blue uniform,
Observing the weather with balloons and such?
Momma’s song… so, what is your song, Momma?

So, What is Momma’s Song?

You had your dreams as you played the oboe in high school band
And shot hoops as co-captain of the basketball team too.
Milking the cows before and after school, was one of the chores you had to do.
Momma’s song, Momma’s song, so full of promise and yet some woe.
Life moved right along as you married and had your seven kids.
You worked, you wrote, you lived and you loved…
Eventually you grew old, and with the ravages of time,
After Dad died is when the Alzheimer’s disease did unfold.
Momma’s song… just how does it now go?

How Does Momma’s Song Go?

What goes on now inside of your head? And what do you know?
So, what remains hidden and forgotten as time loops back upon itself?
As this dark disease takes hold and latches onto more, what is left?
Where does it all go and when will it ever end?
This never-ending loop of a nightmare that keeps unfolding.
Momma’s song… as it wraps in and out,
Does it now make any sense? Is it still there?
So far, you are still Momma and you laugh and smile so beautifully.
But the day and the time draw near, when you will start to fade away.
What will be left then? Will you still know us deep down?
Momma’s song… so, does it get jumbled now?

Will Momma’s Song Make You Cry & Know What it Means?

So, do you cry and know what it means? Will you smile and remember?
Or will it all be shut away in the recesses of your once bright mind?
That has now dimmed as the light slowly fades away and goes out.
Will the sparkle in your eyes die too, as it all spirals within?
As it turns into a blank nothingness and nothing but an empty shell,
Stares back, with eyes dulled and the fire is gone out…
Not able to be rekindled and lit… only with the darkness and an endless
Blank staring back out at us, gone forever, blown away on a soft wind.
Momma’s song… so, who will sing it now?

 Who Will Sing Momma’s Song Now?

How will the melody sound, and where are the words and the music?
Do you hear your song, and can you sing the words to it still?
Or has the song faded away slowly, never to be sung again by your lips,
Is your song even remembered? Or is all to be forgotten, never to see the light?
Where does the light go… where does it fade to? Does anyone know?
Momma’s song, why do I now cry as the words come to me?

Where Will Her Song End & Will You Still Know Your Song, Momma?

So, where will it end, and will you still know us and love us down deep?
Momma’s song is so pretty and full of joy and a bit of sadness
As I write it out to you and to those who know and love you.
Momma’s song wrapped up her kids, the grands and the great-grands,
Wrapped us up close to her, in her love and joy she held in her heart.
Momma’s song… oh why does this hurt you so and us, too?
Even so, when one day it will grow totally dim and be gone from you,
Momma’s song will still be held in our hearts as we let you go and as the tears fall.
And your song, Momma will forever sing itself in our minds and we will hear its tune.

Momma’s song… the lights might go out one day soon,
But the band still plays on, with the joy and the beauty of Momma’s song.

Trease Lynne Carpenter (7-13-2017)

Finally, Her Song Came to a Close as Momma Journeyed Home

On September 26, 2018 Momma Journeyed Home. We held the most touching and treasured Military Funeral for her. As Momma was an Air Force veteran & I a Navy veteran, it was touching and apt that an Air Force Airman and a Buck Sergeant, both female were Momma’s Honor Guard. Momma was a Buck Sergeant once. I’ve never seen such a squared away military funeral service before to this degree. And I cried when the Sergeant gave Momma’s flag to one of my sisters. It was so beautiful, touching my heart and spirit to the core. It was sheer poetry in motion. Momma would have been proud of this. I wrote another poem about Momma on 2-9-2014, before I wrote this one. It’s called,  Am I Momma?? Am I Momma Still??

Momma's Song is about both inner and outer beauty in Momma, even after Alzheimer's disease attempted to snatch it all away and steal it from Momma.
Momma's Song... This is Momma when she was young, perhaps in her early twenties. This is the photo we used for her Memory Funeral Program. Momma was beautiful inside and out. Even during her bout with Alzheimer's disease, she stayed sweet. But that was Momma and how she rolled. She is dearly missed by all of us.

A Poem Momma Lived By

This poem by Anonymous was a favorite of Momma’s, one she lived by and emulated. Another one of my sisters contributed this poem, that Momma gave her a long time ago to the Memory Funeral Program. This poem was what Momma was about, even when Alzheimer’s disease ravaged her and slowly, but surely stole her away from us.

Can You Say?

Can you say in parting with the day that’s slipping fast,

That you helped a single person of the many you have passed,

Is a single life rejoicing over what you did or said,

Does someone whose hopes were fading  now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day or lose it?

Was it well or poorly spent?

Did you leave a trail of kindness,

Or a scar of discontent?

As you close your eves in slumber

Do you think God would say:

“You have made the world much better

For the life you’ve lived today.”


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